Tilly's over the moon when she's picked for the Novice Championships. She and Magic are perfect together. But the pressures take their toll and her dreams die when Fred Webb takes Magic away from her. Will Tilly ever be reunited with the horse she can't bear to live without?


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'Tilly has a special gift as a Horse Whisperer and she determines to use this talent to find a new home for scared Shire horse Goliath … this is a great addition to the series.'
Parents In Touch Website
'This fantastic series for pony-mad 7+ year olds has been a huge hit since it was first released about 18 months ago. Each book is not just a great story, but also full of expert advice that readers will pick up along the way.'
Love Reading for Kids Website
'This series is just guaranteed to appeal to all horse-mad youngsters'
Parents In Touch Website
'When I read Black Beauty I thought that was good, but this is even better'
Emily Cooper, Love Reading for Kids Website
'A brilliant new series of books that includes helpful horsey hints.'
Waterstone's Books Quarterly
'Perfect for the pony-mad market, Pippa brings her experience and ability to work with horses to these brilliant books.'
Equestrian Life
'Pippa gives lots of inside information for children who are interested in riding and weaves together a strong narrative set in the world of equestrian pursuits.'
Primary Times
'A lovely story from someone who knows her horses and ponies… the tips for budding equestriennes are excellent.'
The Bookbag.co.uk
'Fully illustrated throughout, they are packed with top tips for budding equestrians on everything from riding and horse management to road safety.'
Surrey Life Magazine
'These delightful, warm and engaging stories are packed with Pippa's expert advice on everything you ever wanted to know about horses.'
'I can't wait to make a bracelet out of my pony's tail hairs like Tilly did, and to read more books to find out about Tilly's past.'
'I was so excited to know what was going to happen next. I think that the book was great and I would recommend it to pony lovers of any age.'
'I loved Tilly's dream to gallop a stallion along the plain. I can imagine doing that too.'
'This story would inspire any pony mad girl.'
'I liked this book because it tells you if you keep dreaming you will have your wish… This book teaches you a lot about the way horses work and the way you should work with them.'
'I think this book would appeal to both riders and non-riders because it's about making friends and having new experiences as well as about ponies.'
'Pippa's top tips at the back are really helpful and interesting. The illustrations had lots of detail and I didnt want to stop reading.'
Megan Katie
'I really enjoyed this book - my favourite bit is where Tilly first meets the abandoned horse Magic Spirit.'
Delilah, Age 9, First News
'Gallop your way through the year with Tilly and her pony pals in the Tilly's Pony Tails Annual...  It's packed with horsey care tips, puzzles, a horsey calendar and stories...'
Animals and You Magazine
'Pippa has a real gift for communicating how best to look after your pony without being patronising or over-simplistic.'
'Practical and informative.'
ParentsInTouch.co.uk on Ask Pippa
'Children will pick up lots of expert advice at the same time as enjoying the story.'
ParentsInTouch.co.uk on Buttons, the Naughty Pony
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